Scribes Award Winners

Each academic year the Scribes Award recognizes excellence in note writing. All Law Review Staff members who submit a note for publication are eligible for the award. The award is presented to one or two Staff members who demonstrate excellent analytical, creative, and writing skills.

James G. Holbrook Award Winners

The James G. Holbrook Award is granted to one Board member and one Staff member each year. The award recognizes overall excellence as a Law Review member. Recipients demonstrate outstanding leadership and problem-solving skills, and dedication to the Law Review.

  • Sean Stratford-Jones
    Volume 91 Board
  • Sylvia Zaich
    Volume 91 Staff
  • Victoria McLaughlin
    Volume 90 Board
  • Emily Arndt
    Volume 90 Staff
  • Kevin Behne
    Volume 89 Board
  • Gabriela Chiriboga
    Volume 89 Staff
  • Matt Gamsin
    Volume 88 Board
  • Joseph Sung
    Volume 88 Staff
  • Scott Hardy
    Volume 87 Board
  • Nimish Sheth
    Volume 87 Staff
  • Grace Chen
    Volume 86 Board
  • Scott Hardy
    Volume 86 Staff