Current Issue
Vol. 92 No. 3

Article | Litigation

Forum Selling Abroad
by​ Stefan Bechtold, Jens Frankenreiter & Daniel Klerman

Article | Constitutional Law
California Constitutional Law: Direct Democracy

by David A. Carrillo, Stephen M. Duvernay, Benjamin Gevercer & Meghan Fenzel

Article | Corporate Law
Regulating Bankruptcy Bonuses
by Jared A. Ellias

Note | Intellectual Property Law
Patently Unjust: Tribal Sovereign Immunity at the U.S. Patent Office
by Christopher B. Phillips


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Featured Postscript

An Uneasy Dance with Data:
Racial Bias in Criminal Law

by Joseph J. Avery

Technology-Enabled Coin Flips for Judging Partisan Gerrymandering
by Wendy K. Tam Cho

The Undesirability of Mandatory Time-Based Sunsets in Dual Class Share Structures: A Reply to Bebchuck and Kastiel
by Bernard S. Sharfman

Filling the California Ninth Circuit Vacancies
by Carl Tobias