Gerontology and the Law: A Selected Annotated Bibliography: 2009-2011 Update – Bibliography by Judy K. Davis & Karen Skinner

From Volume 86, Number 6 (September 2013)

This bibliography serves as the 2009–2011 update to Gerontology and the Law: A Selected Annotated Bibliography. First published in 1980 by Law Library Journal the bibliography has since been updated nine times between 1982 and 2010 in the Southern California Law Review. The original bibliography and the first five updates provided citations to a variety of books, articles, and other law related materials on various aspects of the law and gerontology. Starting with the sixth update, the style and content of the bibliography was changed in two ways: first, the bibliographers took a more selective approach in choosing resources to include and second, the bibliographers added annotations briefly describing the source after each citation.

For this update, the bibliographers chose a selection of scholarly books and articles discussing legal issues related to gerontology, aging, and the elderly in the United States published between the years 2009–2011. This bibliography does not include sources that are directed toward the general public, such as popular literature and self-help guides, and sources that do not deal with both law and gerontology. Other sources not included, some of which have been included in prior updates, are book reviews, newspaper articles, government documents, Congressional documents, conference proceedings, dissertations, and sources written in a language other than English. Although the focus of this 2009–2011 update is on the United States, a limited number of sources with an international or foreign perspective are included if deemed useful to researchers in the United States. Newer editions of older works are included if they were published between 2009–2011; however, if more than one edition was published between these dates, only the latest edition is included.

To locate sources to include in this bibliography, the bibliographers searched the following databases periodically from February 2013 to April 2013:

Ageline (produced by the American Association of Retired Person; searched via OvidSP or EBSCO) Journals and Law Reviews (Westlaw Classic database) Legal Resource Index (produced by the Information Access Company; searched via Westlaw Classic) Medline (produced by the National Library of Medicine; searched via OvidSP) Social Sciences Citation Index (produced by Thomson Reuters; searched via ISI Web of Knowledge) WorldCat (produced by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.; searched via OCLC FirstSearch) As with prior updates, the citations in the bibliography do not conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation or to The Chicago Manual of Style. Instead, the citation format is a combination of the two styles and is consistent with previous updates of the bibliography.



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