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Established in 1927, the Southern California Law Review is an independent and autonomous entity. Each year the Law Review publishes one volume, which is produced in six separate issues. Each issue normally contains several articles written by outside contributors and several notes written by students from the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. The Law Review strives to publish articles on a wide range of topics and to serve all segments of the legal community. In addition, the Law Review frequently hosts a forum in order to explore timely or controversial areas of law.

Matters of policy, procedure, and content are determined solely by the Editorial Board. All decision-making authority is delegated by the Dean of the law school to the Editor-in-Chief. The Editor-in-Chief, in turn, delegates various responsibilities to the Editorial Board and the Law Review Staff.

Statement of Diversity

The Southern California Law Review recognizes that a diverse membership is essential to upholding our tradition of excellence and outstanding scholarship. Diversity of personal experience and identity reflected in Law Review’s membership translates into a richer exchange of ideas, both in its scholarship and its internal processes. Since cumulative personal experiences shape how individuals view the world, the inclusion of diverse perspectives in Law Review membership facilitates thoughtful, innovative, and complex scholarship. Moreover, a diverse membership strengthens community, produces more informed decision-making, and facilitates culturally informed mentorship. Ultimately, because Law Review membership serves as a stepping-stone in the legal profession, this policy ensures that the Law Review and the doors it opens remain accessible to all.

The Southern California Law Review is committed to promoting diversity in our leadership and on our staff. It is the policy of the Law Review to encourage students of color, women, students in the LGBTQ+ community, students with disabilities, first-generation law students, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and students who identify as being part of other traditionally underrepresented groups to join our staff and leadership. In addition, we are committed to the continual identification and breaking down of barriers to participation in our journal, particularly barriers that disproportionately impact students and authors from underrepresented groups. Our goal is for our membership to actively reflect the diversity of the USC Gould School of Law and the wider communities of which we are a part.

Law Review members are expected to promote our values of diversity and inclusion. The Law Review does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or disrespect.


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