The Southern California Law Review is composed of 2L and 3L students at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. 2L members are considered Staff members, and 3L members are considered Board members.

Becoming a member of the Southern California Law Review

Upon the completion of the first year curriculum, currently enrolled law students and transfer students are eligible to be selected for membership by the registrar on the basis of the combination of their first-year grades and performance on an annual writing competition.

The annual writing competition, called the “write-on,” is generally held during the first two weeks following the end of each academic year. Students who choose to participate are asked to evaluate a packet of resource materials, instructions, and specific questions that must be answered in a journal-style article. Authors of the submissions are given a score, as measured by the standards set forth by the editorial board.

Upon selection for membership, students become members of the staff. Staff members are welcome and encouraged to apply for board membership during the member’s spring semester. Staff members are selected for Board membership based on an evaluation of each staff member’s performance as a staff member.

Duties of the Staff

Staff members are asked to (1) complete editing assignments each semester, (2) assist in the source collection process for articles that have been slated for publication, and (3) conduct independent legal research and prepare their own scholarly notes over the course of the school year. Staff members may also be asked to assist in the selection of articles for publication.

Duties of the Board

The Board is comprised of an Executive Board, Senior Editors, and Senior Submissions Editors. The Executive Board is responsible for the management of the Law Review, and oversees all aspects of publication. The duties of the Board are determined by board membership status.