Article Submissions

The Southern California Law Review receives thousands of unsolicited manuscripts each year. From this pool, we ultimately select about 12 articles for publication. Our article selection process opens for submissions each Spring and Fall. The Southern California Law Review is pleased to open submissions for Spring 2022. We will be accepting submissions through February 28, 2022. All submissions must be accompanied by a CV and cover letter. 
Please direct any and all inquiries to After submissions close on February 28, 2022, we will open again for the Fall submissions cycle in October 2022. We look forward to reviewing your work.
We prefer articles under 30,000 words (including footnotes). All submissions should conform to the 21st edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.


Via Scholastica

Submissions via Scholastica are highly preferred. Given the sheer amount of manuscripts we receive, Scholastica provides the most efficient method of reviewing articles.  

SCLR understands that the required fee to submit articles via Scholastica causes a financial burden for some authors. However, Scholastica is willing to consider requests for fee waivers as well as some other potential accommodations. To request a fee waiver, please contact

If Scholastica cannot accommodate your circumstances, please submit your article and curriculum vitae to Arnold Zahn, Executive Articles Editor for Volume 96, at, along with an explanation of the financial circumstances that prevent you from submitting via Scholastica.

Paper Submissions

Paper submissions should be directed to:

Executive Articles Editor

Southern California Law Review

The Gould School of Law

University of Southern California

University Park

Los Angeles, California 90089-0071

Please direct all inquiries regarding the submissions process to the Executive Articles Editor at Please include “Inquiry” in the subject line.

Note Submissions

The Southern California Law Review also publishes student-written Notes. The Southern California Law Review selects Notes submitted by the Staff based on relevancy, authorship, and scholarship. The Editors blindly evaluate the Notes, without knowledge of the author’s identity. Each year, Staff submit Notes to be considered for publication in March, and publication decisions are finalized in May. The Notes must be the original work of the author and previously unpublished, a minimum of 35-pages long, and conform to the 21st edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.

Postscript Submission

Postscript is an online companion to the Southern California Law Review that permits us to publish a wider variety of worthwhile material than we can accommodate in our printed journal. We seek to publish a wide range of timely legal commentaries, response pieces, book reviews, and student work.

Postscript accepts three types of submissions: responses, commentaries, and book reviews. Submissions should be between 6,000 – 10,000 words excluding footnotes. All submissions should conform to the 21st edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.

Postscript inquires should be sent to: 


Responses are short essays which respond to an article published in the Southern California Law Review. We do not accept responses to student notes or bibliographies.


Commentaries are short essays which comment on legal developments and significant court decisions. Authors are free to submit commentaries on any topic.

Book Reviews

The Southern California Law Review occasionally publishes reviews of new books that address legal developments or significant court decisions. Reviewers are free to submit book reviews on any legal topic.


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