Current Issue
Vol. 92 No. 3

Article | Litigation

Forum Selling Abroad
by​ Stefan Bechtold, Jens Frankenreiter & Daniel Klerman

Article | Constitutional Law
California Constitutional Law: Direct Democracy

by David A. Carrillo, Stephen M. Duvernay, Benjamin Gevercer & Meghan Fenzel

Article | Corporate Law
Regulating Bankruptcy Bonuses
by Jared A. Ellias

Note | Intellectual Property Law
Patently Unjust: Tribal Sovereign Immunity at the U.S. Patent Office
by Christopher B. Phillips


SCLR Print Archive

Article | Immigration Law
A National Study of Immigration Detention in the United States
by Emily Ryo & Ian Peakcock

Article | Legal Theory
Fiduciary Loyalty, Inside and Out

by Stephen R. Galoob & Ethan J. Leib

Article | Anti-Trust Law
What’s in a Claim? Challenging Criminal Prosecutions Under the FTAIA’s Domestic Effects Exception
by Jay Kemper Simmons

Note | Constitutional Law
Quid Pro No: When Rolexes, Ferraris, and Ball Gowns Are Not Political Currency
by Daniel Brovman

The Second Amendment and Private Law 
Article by Cody Jacobs

“No Money Down” Bankruptcy
Article by Pamela Foohey, Robert M. Lawless, Katherine Porter & Deborah Thorne

Fostering Legal Cynicism Through Immigration Detention
Article by Emily Ryo

An Ocean Apart: The Transatlantic Data Privacy Divide and the Right to Erasure
Note by Paul J. Watanabe

Regulatory Entrepreneurship 
Article by Elizabeth Pollman & Jordan M. Barry 

The Timing of Tax Transparency 
Article by Joshua D. Blank 

The Law of Look and Feel 
Article by Peter Lee & Madhavi Sunder 

Capital Taxation in an Age of Inequality 
Article by Edward D. Kleinbard 

Life is Short. Go to Court: Establishing Article III Standing in Data Breach Cases
Note by Megan Dowty

Easy Come, Easy Go: A Guide to California Cap-and-Trade Spending  
Note by Jonathan Kintzele 

Strategic Law Avoidance Using the Internet: A Short History 
Postscript (Response) by Tim Wu

Antitrust Energy 
Article by Barak Orbach & D. Daniel Sokol 

Antitrust and Business History
Article by Margaret C. Levenstein 

The “Hub-and-Spoke” Conspiracy that Created the Standard Oil Monopoly 
Article by Benjamin Klein 

Rethinking the Economic Basis of the Standard Oil Refining Monopoly: Dominance Against Competing Cartels 
Article by George L. Priest

Were Standard Oil’s Rebates and Drawbacks Cost Justified?
Article by Daniel A. Crane

Revisiting the Revisionist History of Standard Oil 
Article by Christopher R. Leslie

The Antitrust Curse of Bigness 
Article by Barak Orbach & Grace Campbell Rebling

Standard Oil and U.S. Steel: Predation and Collusion in the Law of Monopolization and Mergers 
Article by William H. Page

The Strategic Use of Public and Private Litigation in Antitrust as Business Strategy 
Article by D. Daniel Sokol

Moving Beyond Caricature and Characterization: The Modern Rule of Reason in Practice 
Article by Andrew I. Gavil

Standard Oil as Lochner’s Trojan Horse 
Article by Alan J. Meese

Remedies for Monopolization from Standard Oil to Microsoft and Intel: The Changing Nature of Monopoly Law from Elimination of Market Power to Regulation of Its Use 
Article by Peter C. Carstensen

The Long Shadow of Standard Oil: Policy, Petroleum, and Politics at the Federal Trade Commission 
Article by Timothy J. Muris & Bilal K. Sayyed

Isn’t This Where We Came in?: An Examination of the Turbulent History and Divergent Economics Underlying Section 36(b) of the Investment Company Act of 1940 and a Proposal to Finally Put the Law to Use 
Note by John Baumann

Arizona’s S.B. 1070 and Federal Preemption of State and Local Immigration Laws: A Case for a More Cooperative and Streamlined Approach to Judicial Review of Subnational Immigration Laws 
Note by Jennifer R. Phillips

What Would Predatory Pricing Be Without John McGee? A Reply to Professor Leslie 
Postscript (Response) by Joshua D. Wright

Determining the Optimal Antitrust Standard: How to Think About Per Se Versus Rule of Reason 
Postscript (Response) by Abraham L. Wickelgren

Tarring the Trust: The Political Economy of Standard Oil 
Postscript (Response) by Michael Reksulak & William F. Shughart II

Occupy Wall Street and Antitrust 
Postscript (Response) by Maurice E. Stucke