Life Story Rights Litigation: Negotiating for a Happy Ending

Filmmakers, television writers, and authors alike have made millions of dollars in the entertainment industry by telling stories that have already been lived by real people. Not only do these creative works force enormous public exposure upon the real people portrayed, but they often portray these real-life inspirations in inaccurate, or even harmful ways. Furthermore, without an agreement to sell their life story rights, many of these real-life inspirations receive no compensation from the use of their life story in these highly successful creative works.

* Senior Submissions Editor, Southern California Law Review, Volume 95; J.D. Candidate, 2022 University of Southern California, Gould School of Law; B.A. Communication 2017, University of Southern California. A huge thank you to the editors of the Southern California Law Review for all of your guidance throughout the publication process, and to all of my family and friends for their support throughout law school

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