This Introduction summarizes the twelve articles presented in the “Symposium on Convergence and Divergence in Private Law,” which are now being published subsequently in the Southern California Law Review in 2019. One group of articles proposes theories (roughly consistent with one another) to explain convergence of torts, contract, property, unjust enrichment, among other fields, across jurisdictions, within and beyond the United States. These articles offer theories to explain why the divergence of private law systems continues to persist today. Many articles in this issue draw their inspiration from a wide range of substantive areas, including patent law, civil procedure, property, torts, and contract from the United States, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and China. Indeed, two contributions to the symposium amass information about the evolution of property doctrines from more than one hundred countries in order to demonstrate their points. The following two Parts of this Introduction weave the themes of the twelve articles together in more detail.